August 31, 2009

Recyling Effort

One of the efforts to heal my foot fractures was a machine called of all things, the bone stimulator. It was outrageously expensive, I think the first on was $7,000.00 and the second had fallen to $3,000.00 a few years later. Even though the machine still works, it is programmed to only work for 400 days. Hmmmm....

I was going to take the bag apart and use the straps, zippers, etc. for projects, but I got looking at the bag and it has all sorts of cool pockets inside and would make a great bag to store all my bead stuff in. So I appliqued my Picasso Woman to the front and now my designer $3,000.00 ; ) designer bag is ready to rock and roll.


yvonne said...

Love your Picasso woman design. Great bag to have!