August 21, 2009

Elsepeth - Coolaberation RR

This is Miss Elsepeth, a steampunk detective from the 2009 coolaberation. This is her in the beginning. She is made of felted wool with a clay face and breasts.

This is Elsepeth after Em gave her some arms and hads and a beautiful tulip skirt, which in real life looks like it is made out of feathers.

I decided that she needed a little glamour in her life so I made her a venetian mask to wear to the masqurade ball, where she is sure to find all sorts of clues. I'm also in the process of making her my version of a steampunk bustier.


yvonne said...

Very cool! No one will recognize her in that mask! Love the bustier color!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That bustier is very chic! It shows off her curves very nicely. I like her mask too...nice to hide behind.

Gail V said...

Love it!