September 27, 2008

Beautiful Mermaid...

This doll is gorgeous. When I opened the package I have to say that it took my breath away - such beautiful beading. And the journal cover that Rolanda made is exquisite. Made me want to run right out and make one.

I added the turtle on the front left fin and the turquoise "seaweed" that extends from that and around the back up to the face. I also added some hair and the dolphin on the back.

September 26, 2008

Calendar Dolls - September

Well, I have to say I've had a much more difficult time trying to decide what them and what item to do for the Beaded Journal Project. At first I was going to do a found object for each month, but then decided against that because what would I do with those twelve squares?

Then I thought maybe I'd just do my dolls for both the BJP and the BAD Calendar doll challenge. I would just focus on making them more detailed and trying new stitches and techniques. But there is a part of me that thinks it's a big cheat to do the same thing for two seperate events.

The other day I found the cutest dragonfly pattern so now I'm thinking that would be great for the BJP. I could do one for each month in the birthstone colors for that month.

Here are photos of my calendar doll for September. Her name is Sapphire for the birthstone of September. The stars on her front look like a scarf but it's really shooting stars to represent our stargazing from our new deck which should have been finished in September. : P

Below are faces for October. The skeleton is for the challenge, notice the coloration in the face. My version of an Opal - October's birthstone. I think I did a GREAT job considering I had no idea how to copy an opal. The green one is for a witch. I love Hallowen.