March 29, 2008

More of those Darlin' Dotees

Wedding Dotee Swap - in progress

Hippy Dotee Swap

Braiding beads is not easy!

It's a puzzle to me...

It's a puzzle to me how to go about this doll. I was thinking I could do front and back, maybe in peyote stitch and using a curved needle. The doll is two layers of peltex 70 and I was thinking with a curved needle I could just go through one layer in the front and do the same when doing the back. BUT... I wanted to bead the face and those are MUCH smaller beads, and of course the curved needle is too big for the beads. I can only find long straight needles for that size of beads. Sigh... But a thought just occurred to me that may work. I did the hair three layers deep of pellon to add some depth, so maybe all I need to do is make a back hair piece for the back of the head and attach that. Maybe for the body I can still try my curved needle experiment.

Now I'm excited to go try but no time...


March 24, 2008

Catch Up - Never...

A friend in my pattern making class gave me some samples of Japanese silks. I was so excited. I'm not sure what I'll do with most of them, maybe make a bag. In September, my Japanese friend came to visit. She is an expert at Japanese calligraphy and she wrote a poem on a fan for me. I 've been wanting to frame it ever since and found a great shadow box for it but couldn't find the write background. You guessed it, one of the silks made the perfect background. : )

This week is Spring break for my pattern making class. I thought that I could get so much done if I pretended to be in class for three hours today. Unfortunately I felt like crap, but I did manage 2 hours of my "class." Got some patterns drawn and worked on a princess seam shirt.

March 21, 2008

It's a puzzle...

Well I finally posted my beginning photo to the BAD site for the flat doll challenge. I choose to take the yellow option with a ten percent contrast. Yellow isn't really much of a challenge for me, because I like yellow. However I thought it would be harder to find nice yellow beads. Luckily I was wrong and I've been having a blast searching for yellow beads.

March 18, 2008

I am so behind...

I can't believe that the last time I posted was the 24th of February. I'm trying to make it a goal to post at least once a week. HA!

Well, I have been working on things even if I haven't been posting. I've been loving my pattern making class. I've got to finish up a bunch of projects during the break.

And here are some of the dotees that I particularly like.