August 31, 2009

Frill Seeker Bracelet

When I went to bead circle this week, M had made the cutest bracelet. It was white with colored ruffles on each edge. It looked so fun I had to try it over the weekend. All it is, is single peyote and the ruffle is made by putting two beads inbetween each bead instead of one. You do two rows of the ruffle in contrasting colors. If I did it again I think I might use smaller beads for the ruffle for a more delicate look. Of course with my stupid camera and my shaky hands I can't get a good pic. I'll try again tomorrow in better light, but I kind of liked the light patterns of this pic so I posted it anyway even though you can't see the details.

This bracelet is in the current issue of Beadwork (Aug./Sept. 2009 p.72 Frill Seeker) The picture in there is really ugly too. I would have never made one based on that picture!


KaiteM. said...

i like the photo even tho it is a bit blurry. The dappled light and the colours are lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Have you tried using a tripod to help with the photographing? cheers, Kaite

yvonne said...

I always work with lighting taking pics of things too and sometimes it's hard to get good light. But this bracelet looks good to me.

Gail V said...

Ooooooooo, that's pretty.