May 19, 2009

Update on the Weird Sisters

I'm now finished with doll2, the black and white flowered one. Am debating whether or not to add a punk hair do. I was thinking black hair that came out in spikes around the face, but J says that it's better without. That she looks like she's been mummified.

I really like how the beading turned out on this one. The smaller flowers are done one bead at a time with 15s. It was so time consuming, but well worth the effect. It looks like lace.

The other doll, is number 3. I have not been happy with her face. Her eyes look a bit like a football player with the black under the eyes. Will have to break the beads out and redo them. Had fun with the flower. Did a raised satin stitch for the center part and it looks very nice.


Carol said...

She is so neat, but GO FOR THE PUNK!! It suits her. At least look at it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, J!

Gail V