May 4, 2009

Shes' finished!

Well, doll1 (the big one) and four are finished. I think I gave myself tendonitis sticking those nails through. Thanks to Paula I used some white rubberized flannel. First I painted it a silvery white and then I made a helmet. Once I was sure it would fit around the face, I added the nails and glued it on. Right now she has pins in her face to hold it in place until the glue dries. Hope it works!

Doll4 happens to be about 4 inches. What a coincidence. She's done in charolettes. And I think that is about as small of a face as I can bead. I guess I could go one size smaller on the beads, but those tiny needles drive me nuts.

I'm working on Doll2 now. The front flower reminds me of lampwork beads. It's size 13s alternating black and white and going up to 8s near the center.


Anonymous said...

Those dolls are super, Jeanne. Whoever Paula is, that was a great idea for securing the nails. Love it!

Gail V