November 10, 2009

3D Momiji Swap

Decidedly Different Dolls had a momiji swap. The criteria was that like a momiji doll the doll had to have a secret compartment for a message. I wanted my doll to have a bit of the momiji shape with the big head and Fisher Price Body.

I used a medicine bottle for the body and a styrofoam ball for the head. Cut out the bottom of the ball to insert the medicine cap and glued it in. Then I paper mached the head with newspaper. After which I gessoed it white. Then I used toilet paper and glue to create the nose, eyes and mouth. When that was dry, I covered it with white tissue paper for the face and a patterned tissue for the hair. The body I covered with Japanese Origami paper and embellished with beads.

This is the doll I got from Y. Isn't she beautiful? Her head comes off and she has a darling tiny scroll inside.


yvonne said...

Yours little ones are soo cute and what a good way to use up medicine bottles. I'm glad you like the one I sent you.:)