June 29, 2009

Coolaberation 2009

Today is the official start of the "Coolaberation 2009." There will be nine artists involved. Here is my doll, The Queen of Hearts." Along with the doll, each doll has a journal. The first entry is either ten words or less to describe how you want your doll to be or a quote. I chose:

"I am an acquired taste, like anchovies.
Not everyone likes those hairy little things.
If I were more like potato chip I'd be everywhere." -Tori Amos.


yvonne said...

Great doll start and the quote is wonderful and funny!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a fun one to work on...can't wait!!

Carol said...

These are my kind of dolls. Are you going to post more pics of her as she progresses? Are you going to tell us about the group you are involved in that creates these wonderful creatures? Come on, spill it!

J said...

Carol, you need to join our doll group, Decidedly Different Dolls. There is a link on the blog to join. We would LOVE to have you!