February 22, 2009

Goldilocks and Friends TT2 First Project

For the first assignment we could choose from three choices - Angelina fibers, Shiva sticks and foil. I chose the last two. I had fun with the Shiva sticks but I found them to be messy and I am not sure I like the heavy intense look from them. I really liked the foil.

I made templates out of freezer paper and then ironed those to the fabric. I used the Shiva sticks to paint around them. This was very effective and I liked the result a lot.

The second photo shows variations of a stamp I made out of string. There is one of just the shiva sticks and two showing the foil method applied with glue. This etching method also worked well with a thick string stamp.

With this I attempted to use the foil with a stamp. It was a dismal failure for achieving the stamp feature but it did make some really great textures.