December 30, 2008

Edward Scissorhands

I told my hubby I wanted some beading scissors for Christmas. So he sneaked one of my doll forms and made this great doll. : D

I couldn't get the camera to catch the detail of his face which is too bad. It's made on paper, but I'm going to make a cloth face and embroider his face on there.

Just in the Nick of Time

Here she is Jolly Holly, just in the nick of time to enjoy the last of the holidays.

December 16, 2008

Stitch in Time Doll Club - Christmas Party

Last month we took a blank doll and decorated it for the Holidays from a stash on the table. The rule is you can't use any of the stuff that you bring. This month at the Holiday party we swapped. I received this beauty. : )

November BJP - Calendar Doll

Finally I've finished Miss November - Hiawatha. Obviously she has too many fiddly bits as she's two weeks overdue. She represents the first Thanksgiving.

She is a combination of right angle weave (RAW) on her dress, the sleeves are peyote and the tassles, headband and corn are done in ladder stitch.