February 24, 2008

Swaps Galore....

I have been doing some swaps the one on BAD for Valentine's and some Dottee dolls on swap-bot. I won't mention names as some people don't like their names being used on the net but I've posted the pics of some of the swaps I've received. Such talented people in the world.

The pink dotee, is from a valentine swap. The maker said it reminds her of Dr. Suess and I agree, so I named her Suessie. The other one is from the ugly doll swap where you were supposed to pick three things you thought were ugly to make the doll. However it doesn't look ugly to me! Looks Polynesian or Hawaiian to me.

The blue doll is from the winter icicle swap. If you look closely you can see there are beads wrapped around the middle. It's a bracelet. Very clever.



Noel said...

Great swap dolls. I agree, the one that is suppose to be ugly is too nice to be considered that.